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Club 3 voor 12 Friesland
  • Datum: Vrijdag 30 maart 2012
  • Aanvang: 23:00 uur
  • Prijs: Gratis

Clubavond  3 voor 12 Friesland

Door omstandigheden  Moest Garments  afzeggen voor deze avond.

 met   Backseat Drivers. Wavebreaker en Johnny Goode



a new rock band from the Netherlands, 
the Gaslight Anthem, Thin Lizzy, Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters, Interpol, the Hold Steady, etc.
Jonathan Koning - bass & vocals
Jorrit Pruiksma - drums & vocals
Mario Kramer - vocals & guitar
Wieger Romkes - guitar & vocals
Yde Kuipers - tenor saxophone

Backseat Drivers was founded in October 2011. The band came together with a common compose elaborate music where they could indulge and identify themselves with. After just a few rehearsals, the band began to notice the potential in the music. Since then, they have been rehearsing to bring out their first album, "Sounds like an open window".

The future of the band is really promising and you can all expect to be blown away by this formation of dedicated and talented musicians.


Backseat Drivers is a international collaboration of musicians from South Africa, Venezuela and The Netherlands.

Backseat drivers composes a wide range of melodic and epic rock pieces, delving deep into the emotions of the tracks, as well as allowing energetic release.

The band makes extensive use of intricate bass lines providing a solid foundation for killer drum beats. The melodic elements are drawn in by the guitars and vocals. The music flows from one piece to the next, taking the listeners on an emotional journey.

The lyrics go deep into life experiences and instead of enforcing opinion, the lyrics instigate the listeners to think for themselves.



De onmacht tegenover de ups en downs, de worstelingen en de alledaagse beslommeringen des levens. Deze thema’s komen duidelijk naar voren tijdens de ouverture van Luutzen Dijkstra’s formatie.

 Gesteund door Klaas Harm Dijkstra, Jelmer Haringsma en Bonne van der Wal (voorheen actief in De Basis) probeert Johnnygoody de gevoelige snaar bij zijn luisteraars te raken. Op zich heeft de viermansformatie, met hun presentatie van het nieuwe album Introducing, de toon gezet.


Johhny Goode is an indie singer-songwriter project by Luutzen Dijkstra. From the beginning the music has been going from fully arranged band songs to plain acoustics with one thing in common: emotionally touching.

 Luutzen just made the step to focus on Johnnygoody totally by quitting his dayjob and moving to Berlin. In February 2011 there were recordings made for a debut album together with a band of befriended musicians. The subject of the album is - inevitable - love, but also personal well-being and the struggle with post-modern life. The release of the album is planned later in 2011.

 Between 2004 and 2007 Johnnygoody has performed all over the Netherlands. In 2005 the Step Into My Bedroom EP was released and one year later the single Let Go was an internet only release. Its digital b-side The End made it into the local charts for best songs of 2007 and got into the finals of the Dutch nationwide singer-songwriter contest for students.

 During 2007 Johnnygoody first began performing with a band. However succesfull, after that things got a little silent though, because of Luutzen still studying at the time, being busy with another band and getting into the working life.

 At the end of 2009 Johnnygoody was slowly getting active again. There was the Unsigned Demo, a few shows in then hometown Utrecht, but also Luutzen travelled to New York and London to do some shows with newly written songs. Without having any mediocre business standing in the way now anymore, Johnnygoody got a kickstart and when the freshly recorded album is done it is meant to be performing as a band as well as solo everywhere.


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