Circle J (folk, punk)

Date: Friday 18 October Time: 23:00 Price: Gratis toegang

Circle J serves an explosive brand of folk infused punk – featuring bagpipes, banjo, mandolin, tin whistle and a penchant for mayhem – that is best consumed hot, loud, and washed down with beer. Their infectious mix of stomping punk and sing-along folktales has been a sure-fire recipe for heavy partying, drinking and dancing, and their albums have been consistently well-received by critics and hailed by folkpunk fans and party lovers alike. So sharpen your axes, put on your dancin’ boots and join the Mighty Circle J for a fine bout of folkpunk frenzy. You’ll dance and sweat like a raving mad orc and you’ll be humming shanties well into next week. Circle J have played many venues and festivals in the Benelux, Germany, France, Spain and England, including Tivoli Utrecht, Paradiso Amsterdam, Melkweg Amsterdam, 013 Tilburg, het Paard The Hague, Oosterpoort Groningen, Rockhall (LU), Wild at Heart Berlin (DE), the Liberation Day Festival Utrecht, the Endorse it in Dorset festival (UK), Puelles Rock (ES), Festival Mundial Tilburg and Paaspop Schijnde