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Marilù Band ( Italië)

Na het grote succes van vorig jaar zijn ze er weer

MARILU’First was a ten years on the road experience: Marco Gioè, brilliant and charming singer and guitar player, and Andrea Amico, explosive double bass player, played together with different 50’s style bands (Shotgun, Ballroom Kings, Virginia Brown and the Shameless) before joining with Giuseppe Marino, the hard stoned drummer. The band was officially born with the name of MARILU, after the release of their first record “E’ soltanto un Twist” (Muddy Waters Records). They played at most prestigious Italians clubs (Magnolia in Milan, Micca Club in Rome, Estragon in Bologna, etc..) at the biggest Festivals (Summer Jamboree, Vintage Roots, Custom Party) and also at overseas clubs (Le poisson rouge in New York, Coda Club in Cleveland, The Garage in London, Bus Palladium in Paris) and they also appeared on TV broadcast Canale 5, where they showed their new single “Cinderella” during prime time, in front of over ten millions viewers. They entered in the Italian Independent Radio circuit ranking promoted by MEI (Indipendet Labels Meeting). Groupon choosed one of their hits as soundtrack for a commercial and Summer Jamboree choosed their song “I ragazzi fifties” as official jingle for 2013 edition of the Festival.Marilù plays twist and doo-wop, rhytm ‘n’ blues and a splash of surf music. Its sound bears from the blues and become rock ‘n’ roll with all that typical oldies but still goldies elements of the early country music. Their strength is in finding new covers for songs from the past, according with 50’s tastes and styles, never forgetting they are not in 50’s yet.