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NP Presley (USA)

NP Presley & The Ghost of Jesse Garon(USA) :Sax driven Noir Rennaissance Rock’n Roll. And yes, he’s the 4th cousin of ELVIS !!!!

N.P. Presley has been making records and touring independently since 1993. Releasing 13 albums with legendary Lexington punk band, Infected, he took the band across the nation multiple times. Infected released their final album, a 3-CD box set aptly titled “Complete”, in 2013. Nate (N.P.) also crossed the pond that year, playing guitar for The Brassknuckle Boys on a European tour and joined roots/folk rock band Paper Bridges, in which he still plays bass.

Going back a little further, Nate’s mother toured with her cousin Elvis Presley in Nashville in the mid-’70s. She later recorded singles in Nashville, attempting a music career and was featured on Nashville’s “You Can Be A Star.” Nate was born into the business in the early ’80s. These deep roots and the rock and roll royalty bloodline are the driving forces behind N.P. Presley & The Ghost of Jesse Garon.