Datum: Maandag 15 april Tijd: 20:00 Prijs: join in for 2.50

Pub Quiz Night

Every Wednesday there is the Pub Quiz Night. This quiz consists of 8 rounds with 6 question rounds, a photo round with photos of celebrities, animals, buildings, posters, flags and much more.

Everybody loves the music round,  where you will hear 10 short music samples  and we want to know  the artist and title. Here the players are tested for their musical knowledge of hits from the past 40 years. You can play alone  but it is more  fun if you play with a team of  friends or colleagues (max. 5 people).

The questions are asked per round by a quiz master. Each team receives a set of answer forms on which the answers can be entered. After each round, the answer form for the round in question must be submitted to the quizmaster so that he can check the answers and update the scores.

The winning teams will also receive a nice prize in addition to fame. The biggest applause is of course for the winner of the marsmallows, our consolation prize !!

Participating in the quiz costs only Euro 2.50 per person. For this low amount you will be entertained for approx. 3 hours! Starting at 8 p.m.

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