Datum: Vrijdag 20190913 Tijd: 23:00:00 Prijs: Gratis toegang

Sicky Betts (USA)

Sicky Betts plays a variety of music generally thrown under the “Americana” label; Blues, classic country, funk, jam band, folk and bluegrass, they do it all.
Comprised of four of the most venerable musicians in the Sacramento area: JT Lawrence (Pine Street Ramblers), Joe Kojima Gray (50 Watt Heavy, Danny Morris and the California Stars), Josh Lacey (Forever Goldrush) and Grub Mitchell (Loose Engines, The Amazing Sweethearts), Sicky Betts bring not only great technical skills and great vocals but also an inspiring sense of adventure and humor to their performances. Loose, vibrant and grooving, the band can turn on a dime or fall on their faces with aplomb! Every show is different and every show is fun.