Datum: Vrijdag 28 juni Tijd: 21:00 Prijs: Gratis


Baltimore-based quartet, toe-tappin’ traditional bluegrass/newgrass

This Baltimore-based quartet has one toe-tappin’ foot in traditional bluegrass while pushing boundaries with their blazing harmonies and musicianship. Their ability to seamlessly transition from down-home bluegrass to spirited improvisation will quickly make you understand what they mean by Dirty Grass! “With a nod to the past and glance to the future the Dirty Grass Players are keeping alive the long history of bluegrass while pushing the traditional genre into the next generation. The Dirty Grass Players are an energetic explosion of old-time pickin’, coloured with an inventive, newgrass hand, that is given lyrical life by their soaring vocal harmonies that exist on an ethereal plain. They live at the crossroads between the traditional, which is the backbone of what they do, and the progressive with their innovative forward-thinking approach. The Dirty Grass Players, with their steady, workman-like precision and loose adventurous spirit are a band that can both confound Bill Monroe and cause him to smile uncontrollably. Their music is progressive, traditional, experimental, imaginative, and at its core, Dirty.