Datum: Zondag 20220320 Tijd: 16:00:00 Prijs: Gratis

Unplugged Sunday : CarmenBe (Spain)

Live Music 16.00 uur.

Na het succes van begin februari staat ze deze middag weer bij ons te spelen

‘Hello I’m Carmen Belén but I like to go by the name of CarmenBe.
I’m an international student from Spain and I’m doing an exchange year here in Leeuwarden.
I’ve been singing since I was a child. I started doing it because of my older brother, he was in the school choir and I wanted to be as him so I joined too. After that, I’ve been a member in multiple choirs and I’ve participated on a contest from my hometown since I was 12 until I turned 18. That was how I became more interested in performing in front of a crowd, it was when I realized how much I enjoy make people happy with my music.

I’ve been doing live shows at pubs and cultural events since then, but due to COVID I had to stop doing it. Now I have the opportunity here in Leeuwarden to start performing again and I’m extremely happy for that. I think it’s going to be a really especial moment to be singing in front of the new people that I’ve met, they’re becoming part of my family bit by bit.

I like to play pop music, mostly commercial songs, however, I always try to adapt to the public’s taste in order to connect with them. I’m a songwriter as well, so I like to show my original songs to the audience

This is an amazing chance for me to grow as a singer and as a person, I’m looking forward to it.