Live Music

We have Live Music  every Friday and Saturday. Since 2004 many artists from home and abroad have found their way to the Scooter’S stage.

On Friday night there is room for bands playing their own music, theme bands (rock n roll, blues, rock a billy, salsa etc.) singer / songwriters and or tribute bands. You can regularly find bands from abroad who like to include Scooters in their tour program for the perfect atmosphere, the stage, café sound and the experience they feel.

On Saturday evenings there is always a cover band on stage that entertains the public with pop, rock, soul, funk and / or disco covers from the past to the present.

We deliberately program later that evening and are for many the afterparty stage for performances in Pop Podium Rhino, Schouwburg de Harmonie, Schaaf halls or concerts organized by the Asteriks stage. After the performances we will continue with the request show until closing. We do not request an entrance fee for the performances.

Performances are always between 11 p.m. and 3 p.m.